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Feel free to let me know how I'm playing Selim/Pride in this post.
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Selim Bradley/Pride
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Player: Taisa
Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist: Manga/Brotherhood
Canon Point: Ch.106/Ep.61
Alignment: Elios
Date of Entry: 09/05/2015
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Age: Appears to be 7, but over 300 years old.
Birthday: August 22nd (Unofficial)
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Black
Height: Shorter than Ed Est. between 2'5" to 3'ish.
Amulet: A round plain silver locket. Inside, the crystal is encased in a mouth-shape opening with teeth. Basically it's an "eye" within a mouth.
Appearance: Character Sheet | Container | Shadows | True Form
He's usually in dress suits and all professional-like.
Profile: Link
Contact: [ profile] silentdrifterz / PM this journal

Permissions: Permissions for actions done to this character.
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Homunculi and Their Chi(Life Force)
In FMA, the Xingese are capable of sensing the life flow and energy known as Chi that is present in all living things and the earth itself (the dragon pulse). As Homunculi are made up of thousands of souls trapped in the Philosopher stone (With the exception of Wrath), those who can sense the life energy of others could theoretically be able to sense this anomaly. Generally the feeling is described as foul, heavy and unsettling. Characters who have similar abilities that can sense life energy may likely notice Pride's odd make-up.

Animals also react poorly around an homunculus, likely due to them having animal instincts that pick up the anomaly inside them. They find them a threat and should be avoided or killed at all cost.

Pride's shadow abilities encompass traits from all of his Homunculi siblings.

Lust - The ability to cut through anything as strong as steel. Harden Carbon-based material will stop him.
Envy - The ability to control others and change form (Tendrils, sharp spikes, shield, etc). Possession is only possible through blood relative.
Gluttony - The ability to consume and assimilate the abilities of others (this has been nerfed).
Greed - His container and shadow are both extremely resilient. He's been hit by a car and mauled by a chimera and still came out without a scratch. Far as I'm aware, he doesn't bleed either since the body is just a container.
Wrath - Able to see beyond the human limit through his shadow. Can also speak through his shadows.
Sloth - Able to cover great distance in a short amount of time. Shadow's range is limited to his container's current position and its surroundings. The length is really ambiguous though, but I say about....the length of a football field at full strength.
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It's gotten to the point where Pride's true nature has been made obvious and public in Empatheias, so I decided to make an Opt-Out post because Pride can be a really awful person.

Please let me know what/if you don't want Pride to tag you or any topics you specifically aren't comfortable with. Pride will openly talk about torture, murder, eating people, or any other violent acts without feeling any kind of remorse. Make sure to list your characters so I know who to be careful with on the subject or don't tag entirely.
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Just various information Pride's has gathered or just things that were happening off-screen.

Because there's stuff going on )
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Use this for any IC one-on-one contact and finishing any loose ends at [community profile] empatheias
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